Monday, March 20, 2023

‘How In Heaven’ Is A Dreamy Pop Song Done Right

Distant and dreamy, Arliston’s latest single is a slow burn, that gradually increases in momentum during its almost three-and-a-half-minute run time. Blending dreamy synths with an assertive yet varied vocal performance, ‘How in heaven’ speaks of the thoughts that run through the head after a breakup, when one can start to see the full picture of what actually happened; “Held on a thin thread you said / some things just stay the same / I’m always hoping they change”.

London-based Arliston are a three-piece band, and ‘How in heaven’ is the lead single from their upcoming EP, which is slated for an early summer release.

This cut has a The National feel to it, with the deep vocals gliding upon light and airy instrumentals. A snappy drum track marches the song forward, cleverly dipping and rising where necessary to add tension and dynamic variation to the mix. Light piano touches coupled with ringing guitar riffs can be identified in the background, further fleshing out the single whilst also bringing some depth to the piece. 

Bon Iver-esque light autotune can be heard in the vocal mix in patches, adding a more three-dimensional feel and accentuating the lyrics that are sung, “Im keeping the faith burnout / can’t really get close enough”.

Retrospective and deeply intimate, this is a tune that has clever, relatable lyrics as well as a solid instrumental to boot.

Dan Jones 

Image: ‘How in heaven’ Official Single Cover


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