Saturday, February 04, 2023

Krept and Konan head ‘Dat Way’ with Abra Cadabra

From the minds behind the chart-topping album ‘The Long Way Home’, London rap duo Krept and Konan have released their most recent track ‘Dat Way’ featuring Abra Cadabra. Although the track itself is produced by Nav Michael and Parked Up, for Krept and Konan the single represents a return to creating music after a brief hiatus - though the pair have still been performing intermittently.

Back with a bang, ‘Dat Way’ will be a favourite to those that are hoping for vintage Krept and Konan. And, whilst this track might be consistent with their usual lyrical style, this is clearly a recipe that works for the pair. The bars are bursting at the seams with pop and cultural references like “Bro still in the trap tryna get rid of brown like Katie Hopkins”, as well as entertaining word-play like “You would think that he’s from Naij, the way he was shoutin’ “You robber”” and magnetic flows such as “these bredrin ain’t from Spain / But if we talk bredins, his panicked”. Krept and Konan are playful with their rap, almost hiding word-play Easter eggs throughout the lyrics that you slowly uncover every time you hit replay.

Alongside the chorus, Abra Cadabra takes the hook on this track, and does not disappoint. This isn’t the first time Krept and Konan have partnered with Abra, in 2016 they hopped on his ‘Robbery Remix’. Similarly to the duo, Abra’s delivery is incredibly unique. Immense lyrical talent aside, it is his intonation and inflection that brings the words to life. He raps with candour and his ability to easily weave narrative has you hanging off of his every word.

The music video has been delivered by none other than Don Prod., an independent production duo that recently rose to TikTok fame. They’ve produced dynamic videos for none other than Headie One (who you can spot in the ‘Dat Way’ video) and Digga D, and this one is no exception. 

Blink twice and you’ll miss it; the video is packed with quick cuts and lots of movement, however it is complete with product placement from Krept and Konan’s restaurant Crepes & Cones, a business venture they embarked on in 2018 with their late friend Nyasha Chagonda.

‘Dat Way’ is proof that Krept and Konan have been cooking up some exciting stuff in the past couple of years, and we cannot wait to see what’s next.

Maddie Bridger
Image: ‘Dat Way’ Official Single Cover

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