Friday, February 03, 2023

Tom Craven releases stunning new single ‘Let It Fall (My December)’

A musician who has been around the block, whilst earning praises from numerous news outlets and magazines (including his hometown newspaper The Watford Observer), Tom Craven began releasing his music back in 2006. Having toured extensively throughout the Uk since then, Craven’s music contains indie folk elements, with touches of the blues.

Tom’s music has also earned him the opportunity to tour both in Europe and has seen him hop over the pond to the states, where he toured in California.

His latest single ‘Let It Fall (My December)’ features punchy bass lines and commanding drums, both fitting well with his strong vocal performance. 

A striking Organ is utilised in both the chorus and verses, an instrument that is underused and almost forgotten about in the indie scene these days. This Organ however, sits towards the back of the mix, and is allowed to shine with a mini solo about halfway through the track. This solo really makes it one of the more memorable sections of the single. 

This song has a true sing-along element to it - featuring easy-to-remember lyrics and a catchy chorus. The bridge builds suspense well as the listener eagerly awaits for the chorus to kick in. The mix is well produced, with both vocals and instrumental being balanced and extremely distinctive, allowing the lyrics to be heard perfectly. The bass is punchy and vibrant and the snare drums snappy and always on beat. 

The chorus is the star of the show, and will have listeners singing its catchy hook long after the song has ended.

Dan Jones

Image: 'Let It Fall (My December)’ Official Single Cover

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