Sunday, February 05, 2023

Fall Out Boy Kickstart Their Comeback Era With New Track ‘Love From The Other Side’

Having been on hiatus for three years, Fall Out Boy has returned to dominate the punk-rock charts with their latest single ‘Love From The Other Side’.

Softly opening with a melancholy fusion of piano and string instruments, the song swiftly creates a punk edge with a leading drum solo and the iconic vocals of frontman Patrick Stump.

“Love from the other side of the / apocalypse / And I just about snapped, don't look / back / Every lover's got a little dagger in their / hand

The track follows the hazing love within a relationship and the indescribable feeling of unrequited love, where one person’s love isn’t matched with the comfort and joy they hold with their partner. This unease is enriched in various idioms, where the love they’re experiencing slowly becomes unmasked as a façade, with connotations of beauty and pain contrasting to illustrate the bittersweet feelings being provoked.

“We were a painting you could never / frame, and / You were the sunshine of my lifetime”

Love From The Other Side’  teases the excitement for Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album ‘So Much (For) Stardust’, which is set to release on March 24. The band has also announced the launch of their new North American tour titled ‘So Much For (Tour) Dust’, where they’ll be joined by Bring Me The Horizon, Royal & The Serpent, Alkaline Trio and more featuring guest artists.  


Alanya Smith 


Image: ‘Love From The Other Side’ Official Single Cover


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