Friday, January 20, 2023

You Me At Six Release Our Dopamine in New Single ‘:mydopamine:’

With You Me At Six set to release their eighth studio album ‘Truth Decay’ on the 10th of February, the Surrey rock band has treated fans to another peek into the album, with the new track—':mydopamine:’. The beguiling lyrics paired with a punchy guitar solo make this a snappy track.

Frontman Josh Franceschi shared the meaning behind the track in an interview with Kerrang: “Dopamine is the body’s feel-good chemical, it’s responsible for allowing you to have pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. This song is about someone being that for you, making you feel good, making you feel alive”.

With the track packed with a powerful and catchy melody, the title certainly lives up to its name.

‘:mydopamine:’ is almost a cheeky tease to fans after the initial album's release date was postponed from the 27th of this month, due to vinyl production issues. The band stated on Instagram that “It’s a pain that continues to affect many artists and labels and sadly we’re joining the club.” But ‘:mydopamine:’ will definitely bide our time until the much-anticipated album arrives.

If their recent releases are anything to go by, we're excited for what You Me At Six have coming in their ninth year of making bangers. 


Georgia Eyles

Image: ‘Truth Decay’ Official EP Cover

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