Thursday, January 19, 2023

Mountain Bloom Spins Out Drippy New Single ‘Juno’

Mountain Bloom has released their newest single, ‘Juno’ – it’s a track drenched in drippy synth layers and rained-soaked lyrics. Yet it manages to retain and foster hope. It’s masterfully done.

There is a lot of creative energy to be found in musical collectives and Mountain Bloom is no exception. Featuring members of La DisputeSuffer Like G Did and a handful of London based acts, they are led by producer and songwriter Niall Coffey and bassist Aaron Scott

Upon the release of their debut album ‘Mountain Bloom’, the collective received much critical acclaim, with Rough Trade stocking their record. And based on their newest release, Mountain Bloom seems to be carrying this momentum forward.

Juno’ finds the group firing on all cylinders. They bring more energy to this track while still managing to maintain their signature sound. The thick blanket of synth makes it feel dense, compounded by the warmth of the vocals and the choral production. On top of this, a change of pace halfway through the song keeps the listeners engaged and interested. Their music has hints of artists such as The 1975Bon Iver and Tame Impala but always remains unique. While ‘Juno’ is experimental and laden with layers of sound, their pop sensibilities sit at the root of the track, making it extremely listenable. 

Juno’ is about finding new hope despite past pain. On this, Coffey said ‘It is about finding someone who somehow makes the outside world fade away and gives you a safe space to call home. It’s about embracing and loving each flaw because they are yours to share and embrace fully with one another’. A beautiful concept and while the tone of this song is darker, the lyrics manage to convey this hope:

“Be that / Ghost / That never haunts / Hiding in a hole / And all the worlds a wildflower / You’re a rolling stone / You make me strong / I can’t imagine much going wrong”. Here we see nuance at play with contrasting imagery in one of many artful verses.

The band have a series of live sessions dropping to promote this single. Their follow-up single ‘Mire’, is dropping in early 2023 however for now, listeners can find ‘Juno’ out on all streaming platforms now.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Juno’ Official Single Cover

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