Saturday, January 21, 2023

Spacey Jane Release An Impeccable Rework Of ‘Lots of Nothing’ With BENEE

Australian indie legends Spacey Jane have released a flawless rework of one of their most popular songs with New Zealand artist BENEE. 

The 4-piece indie surf-rock band from Fremantle, Australia have grown enormously in popularity in their home country over recent years, and with an upcoming UK and European tour, their unique sounds are becoming more favourable over here too. 

Stella Rose Bennett, aka BENEE, rose to fame after her dreamy song ‘Supalonely’ with Gus Dapperton became an internet hit. BENEE’s soft and delicate tone combined with the exquisite voice of Spacey Jane’s Caleb Harper makes this rework of ‘Lots of Nothing’ a very special track.  

Even the very start has been reworked, where they have created an electric, fast, and high-pitch noise over the top of the original intro which slowly builds into the classic ‘Lots of Nothing’ sound. It also seems that the drums played by Kieran Lama are stronger and more obvious compared to the original release. The echoes on Caleb Harper’s voice in this track makes it feel futuristic with that electric noise still creeping in the background, a sound even more emphasised when Peppa Lane (bass guitarist and backing vocals) and BENEE join in the chorus. The harmonies in that very chorus give this rework of an already divine song even more drama. You can really hear every element of sound in this version of the track.  

BENEE’s appearance in the song is teased with a blurred line that’s hard to make out the lyrics to, with an interesting element being that it starts earlier than the verse is supposed to. This more up-tempo verse she adds to the track gives the record a completely new sound compared to the original ‘Lots of Nothing’ and any other Spacey Jane song. Her meditative and psychedelic sound makes this rework really intriguing. 

The highlight of this song for me, however, is the pause and drop during the lyrics "If I hadn’t lost my phone’’ which then follows into the chorus. There is no pause in the original, but adding that break of guitars, drums, and bass in the background of this rework gives the track a whole new dimension.  

This is one of the best reworked songs I have ever heard, and that is no understatement. Spacey Jane’s first song with a featured artist is one that will be on my playlist for a long time. The harmonies, the added tension made by the pauses in music, combined with faultless vocals make ‘Lots of Nothing’ (an already perfect song), even more beautiful. 

Alice Mason 

Instagram: @alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: 'Lots of Nothing' Official Single Cover 

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