Saturday, January 14, 2023

Low Girl ensure fans feel confident and powerful in their decisions via new single

Debuting in 2021, Low Girl have quickly gained fame and a fanbase nationwide for their incredible talent and overall musical vibe. 

The band consists of multi-instrumentalist Sarah Cosgrove, who works with her bandmates to produce a unique sound. 

Low Girl have generated a large fanbase in only a year, leading to BBC Introducing performances at Reading and Leeds festivals, as well as a headline show in London’s The Lexington. 

The band’s new single ‘Bored’ is drawing more people in to become great fans of the band. 

The track begins with Cosgrove’s beautiful vocals, accompanied by the instrumental genius backing her. Some tracks of this genre tend to begin without lyrics, but Cosgrove’s immediate vocals show listeners her assertiveness and determination to send a message of personal strength. She sings, “I was always waiting for more / You were barely out the front door”, beginning the musical journey through an encounter with a fictional partner. The intense and passionate use of instruments behind these lyrics implies a sense of strength in realising you may be too good for somebody who doesn’t treat you right, and the power that you gain after this realisation. 

As the track moves towards the end, we hear the choral lines of “I’ve got a lot of questions but I think I’ve learnt my lesson / And I’m bored”. These lyrics hold great importance in today’s society. Listeners can relate to being bored with a toxic relationship, perhaps growing tired of living in the same way every day, and the coming-of-age desire to experience life at its full.

The band in this way creates connections to much of society, as many people are feeling empowered to take control of their own lives. It is safe to say that Low Girl are on their way to increasing their fame and popularity amongst all; they are creating a safe space to feel powerful and enjoy unique, alternative, and exquisite music. 


Abby Price 


Image: Low Girl ‘Uh-Oh’ Official Album Cover 


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