Sunday, January 15, 2023

JW Francis releases rapturous new single ‘Going Home To Party’

American indie-rock artist JW Francis has started 2023 with a bang with the delivery of his new single ‘Going Home To Party’. The New York native has been busy for most of the past year with the release of his second album ‘Wanderkid’ in October and it has since received much praise. He has since headed back to the studio and unveiled his latest single which leaves its audience elated from the first chord.

The track begins with drums, bass, guitar, and synths playing in unison for eight bars before Francis enters with the first line of the verse ‘’I’m going home now, and I’m headed straight to you’’. The drums drive the tune throughout and the twanging of the guitars embellishes what is a well-written song.  

The lyrics in the chorus ‘’I wanna kiss you on the lips, give you all my love / Just tell me what you’re doing cause I’m coming with you’’ underlines the meaning of the song, which is ultimately about love, romance, and living one’s best life. The music reaches its conclusion in the same fashion that it started with all instruments playing in unison before the drums bring the upbeat and lively track to a halt. The lo-fi artist’s latest offering is sure to resonate with a youthful audience who may still be finding their feet after a tumultuous couple of years.  

There is also a music video that sees Francis on different famous TV sets from years gone by such as the set of the children’s TV program Blue’s Clues. Fans across the US and beyond will undoubtedly be eager to catch a glimpse of Francis performing his newest material in a live setting as he starts to make his mark on the music scene.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Going Home To Party' Official Single Cover



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