Thursday, January 12, 2023

SLUG’s new single ‘Instant Reaction’ embraces multi-layered chaos

SLUG, the solo project of Sunderland-based Ian Black, has released his playful but provocative new single ‘Instant Reaction’.

While lyrically brief and to the point, the track poignantly condemns procrastination and a defeatist attitude. In a humorously honest back and forth Black sings “Oh I’m so lazy as sin / Oh I don’t know if I can win / Yes you can, just need to start”. Less words of encouragement, more kick up the backside.   

As the former touring bassist for the indie rock duo Field Music, Black enlisted his old bandmates Peter and David Brewis to co-produce his debut album ‘Ripe’. Following its release in 2015 Black took the album on tour supporting the likes of Sea Power (then British Sea Power). 2018’s ‘HiggledyPiggledy’ was SLUG’s first completely solo project.

Like ‘HiggledyPiggledy’ Black takes centre (left, right, up, down and any other position you can think of) stage for his new single ‘Instant Reaction’.

If anything this seems to have encouraged SLUG to be bold and embrace the silliness that often comes with multi-layered chaos. Rather than a jarring free-for-all, however, Black commands a patchwork of musical styles.

While cowbells and tambourines act as subtle quirks characteristic of SLUG, his mix-match approach is most obvious with each guitar riff that melts into the next; from melodic pop to grandiose rock and back again.   

Watch out for ‘Thy Socialite!’ on 20 January - the Brewis brothers’ first release from their new label, Daylight Saving Records.

Maebh Springbett


Image: ‘Instant Reaction’ Official Single Cover

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