Friday, January 27, 2023

Fontaines D.C are back with new single ‘Jackie Down The Line’ from their upcoming album ‘Skinty Fia’

Following on from the triumphant release of their second album ‘A Hero’s Death’, Irish lads, Fontaines D.C have treated us to a brand new single titled ‘Jackie Down The Line’. Set to appear on their upcoming album ‘Skinty Fia’, the track shows us a different side to the band's post-punk style. 

Skinty Fia is an Irish swear that roughly translates to “the damnation of the deer”. This works well with the band's feelings and thoughts of Irishness and what this means when they’re abroad. It’s refreshing to hear a band embrace their roots and use it as inspiration for not just lyrics, but also melodies and themes. They don’t shy away from discussing the trials and tribulations of their lives, allowing fans to relate to their songs and feel heard.

‘Jackie Down The Line’ fits well into the band's repertoire, further exploring and maturing their post-punk style. You can hear where bands like Joy Division have inspired the band, especially when it comes to the poem-like style in which lead singer Grian Chatten sings and writes. 

The song starts with a punchy drum and bass line that sets the tone perfectly for Chatten’s lyrics. What stands out with their music is how they find ways of creating guitar, drum, and bass lines that perfectly suit the theme of the song. It elevates the track to a whole new level, it makes each track more emotional and listeners can really feel it with this tune. 

Chatten leaves room for the listener to interpret this song in a way that speaks to the individual; it’s a heartfelt track with a softness to it, despite the complex lyrics. As Chatten sings “I will wear you down in time, I will hurt you, I’ll desert you, I am Jackie down the line” with accompaniment from a beautiful guitar riff, listeners feel a sense of past pain and it supports the relatable nature of their music. Chatten’s vocals stand out for obvious reasons but what makes them so unique is the Irish accent that shines through, it stands out proud amongst the complimenting melodies. 

Fontaines D.C are a revolutionary band with endless possibilities ahead of them, they certainly aren’t one to miss. 

Catherine Frediani

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