Saturday, December 17, 2022

Lyrics have never encapsulated such beauty as in The Lathums’ latest heartwarming release

Wigan-based indie band The Lathums have released a new heart-wrenching track appealing to listeners up and down the country. 

With their debut album having been released in September 2021 and reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart the following month, the band impressed fans from the very start, and their new song ‘Turmoil’ is no different. 

They miraculously capture the essence of a joyful sadness in reminiscing in such a unique way that the record itself is captivatingly beautiful. 

Opening with a gentle piano sound, the atmosphere is one of tranquillity yet also heartbreak. The first lyric “I was made to love/ I was made to care for all your thoughts/ Now that you’re mine” is perhaps one of the most beautiful opening phrases in musical history, expressing feelings of love, affection, passion and hope simultaneously. It encapsulates the essence of love itself; often such adoration is received by the one you love and they become the centre of your universe - all thoughts of passion and joy are directed towards them constantly. It gives listeners a sense of the musician's vulnerability and an insight into the mind of a hopeless romantic. 

As the track progresses, the lyrics “I’m stuck with turmoil” and “You say that you don’t care but I know that you do” are sung angelically in the chorus over the melancholic piano. These lines embody the concept of knowing how perfect one person can be for someone, and ideas of soulmates and twin flames are discussed implicitly. Listeners can close their eyes and picture that one person with whom they are utterly infatuated, whilst being encouraged to have bravery in expressing these feelings. Lyrically, the track is inspiring and musically it has great beauty in the piano’s gentle nature. 

The message of the song is arguably about having faith in love, and acknowledging the turmoil one may face as well as its inevitable end. The Lathums have undoubtedly created something so special and heartwarming that it will inspire and warm the hearts of listeners indefinitely. 

Abby Price 


Image: The Lathums ‘Turmoil’ Official Single Cover 

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