Sunday, December 18, 2022

Little Simz finds herself in surprise album 'NO THANK YOU'

UK rap scene's talented rapper Little Simz returns after her critically acclaimed 2021 album 'Sometimes I Might be Introvert' with an unexpected new album.

Simz's fifth full-length album 'NO THANK YOU' appears to be the combination of her previous well-known works 'Grey Area' and 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert'.The rapper chooses to work with only one producer for the whole album and Inflo's mostly jazz-based instrumentals match greatly with Simz's smooth rapping. Although the album includes the sub-genres such as neo-soul, gospel hip-hop, boom bap, and jazz rap, it still manages to stay consistent.

Opening the album with the nearly six minutes long track 'Angel', Simz raps about praying, her childhood friend's tragic death and politics as she says: "Yeah, I refuse to be on a slave ship / Give me all my masters and lower your wages."

In the second song 'Gorilla', the rapper rhymes on a boom-bap beat and mentions Mac Miller, who passed away on September 7th, 2018. Leading into a more soulful track 'Silhouette', Simz looks inside herself and expresses her approach to certain people in her personal life and her artistic revolution shows itself through her lyricism and angelic instrumental with the magical vocals of Cleo Sol.

In the fourth track 'No Merci', Simz talks about the black community and society's perspective on black people, with an orchestral instrumental and closes the song with a chill beat switch giving her listeners valuable life advice: "You're only human too / Do yourself a favour / They do not deserve you / You can't be their saviour"

Simz shows her anger throughout the fifth track 'X ' with a gospel choir sample-based beat and talks about inequality, police brutalism, feminism and the struggle of being black as she says: "Why does my Blackness have to come with a fight now?"

In the sixth song 'Heart on Fire', the rapper continues to reflect on her personal life and works with a symphonic instrumental and achieves grandeur. The seventh track of the album 'Broken' is the longest track on the project. On this sorrowful track, Simz reflects her sadness and hopelessness, meaning of life, depression, and its consequences. Rapper turns her thoughts into a deep story and makes that seven minutes into a special moment. "It shouldn't be a norm to live your life as a tragedy / To live your life in a state of confusion and agony".

In the final track 'Control', Simz chooses a romantic theme and writes a love song for a special someone in her life with rapping over a piano-heavy instrumental. The rapper talks about how love is the only thing she has left and asks her lover to not let her go.

As for the album cover, Simz's facial expression and her mundane clothing suit the theme of the album greatly. Simz once again proves herself to be one of the most exciting rappers of the UK rap scene and goes for a three-peat on 'NO THANK YOU'.



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Image:‘NO THANK YOU’ Official Album Back-Cover


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