Friday, December 16, 2022

The Magic Es conjure up their emotionally charged new single ‘Little Mistake’

The Magic Es, with a nod towards melodic indie pop, should be a staple for any contemporary rock fan. Following their debut album ‘It Goes On’, the band toured the UK in 2018 and has since supported the likes of The Parlotones. Without the backing of any record label, The Magic E’s have also been featured on KEMP and BBC Introducing.  

For this Norwich-based trio, their music careers did not exactly begin with the band’s formation in 2015. All three boast impressive musical backgrounds including bassist Jasper Stainthorpe, founding member of English 80’s band Then Jerico. Bonding over their shared experiences and influences, The Magic Es take inspiration from britpop icons such as The Charlatans or Pulp.

Their new single ‘Little Mistake’, recorded in the summer of 2022 at producer Andy Hodgson’s Orange Tree Studios, is not much different - the track certainly sets the scene for a field of bouncing bucket hats. 

On vocals and guitar, frontman Pete Thompson voices a tragic story of little mistakes building and spiraling out of control - “Another life it slips away”. When Thompson sings “Now that hand just don’t reach anymore” he depicts loss and heartache as the connection between loved ones fades as a result.    

Stuart Catchpole takes to the drums with his usual ferocity and anchors the groove with an accentuating crash. A certain DIY feel is created with the subtle use of a clapping rhythm throughout. With the help of Stainthorpe the band have achieved a more bluesy rock number, played out by a moody bassline.     

Don’t miss their new album released on 9 December ‘Talk in Tongues’.

Maebh Springbett


Image: ‘Little Mistake’ Official Single Cover

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