Sunday, November 20, 2022

The Orielles release a brand-new video for their low-fi indie track ‘Darkened Corners’.

Following the release of The Orielles’ 4th album ‘Tableau’ earlier this year, the three-piece from Yorkshire release an edgy, dark, and photogenic video for their song Darkened Corners’.

The video starts with an opening title reminiscent of a 90s teen show with a typical blurry font and a supercut of various shots of a city. 

The theme of the video is quickly delivered as short clips of seemingly unrelated scenarios are shown. This video is any photographer’s dream as the angles and black and white shading make this a very aesthetically pleasing film. These impressive cinematography skills are paired with thought-provoking lyrics. For example, when the band sings “I hide from preoccupations, behind monuments, that are reflected”, the viewer is presented with a tall silver building followed by a girl wearing sunglasses where the reflections are clearly visible. Something as simple as matching a track’s lyrics to its video makes an intriguing and beautiful piece of art even more satisfying.  

Band members Sidonie “Sid” Hand-Halford, Esmé Dee Hand-Halford, and Henry Carlyle Wade are slowly introduced throughout the video before it finishes with a bright, airy, and somewhat trippy conclusion that has the band performing the song in a field. The Orielles have made a clever and mesmerising video that matches their sound perfectly.   


Alice Mason


Image: ‘Tableau’ Official Album Cover


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