Monday, November 21, 2022

CUCAMARAS Storm Back Onto The Scene With New Single ‘Porcelain’

The English music scene is being hit with a wave of amazing indie and post-punk talent right now, and a band that’s riding the crest of this wave is CUCAMARAS

Coming off of the success of their last EP ‘Soft Soap’ and ahead of a new EP to be released in May 2023, they have released ‘Porcelain’—a thumping, energetic storm of a single.

Porcelain’ speaks about the fragility of stagnant success. In the depths of lockdown from the sanctuary of their rooms, Olly Bowley (guitar/vocals) and Josh Hart (guitar/vocals) penned this track, a story of two pessimistic people convincing themselves so thoroughly that their endeavours were worthwhile, even though they perceived them as meaningless. A very complex set of emotions is handled lyrically with cleverness and such irreverence. The lyric, “You sold me a dream / I shook your hand so hard it came with me”, is a prime example of this. Witty in its dark humour, this song is chock-full of moments like this.

The lyrics, while excellent, are only one part of the success of this track. The music that surrounds the vocal performance is present but not overbearing. CUCAMARAS have managed to find a neat balance between musical dichotomies—heavy with elements of lightness; anger with elements of humour; loud but not overly saturated. Dan McGrath (bass) and Joe Newton (drums) keep the song ticking along at a rhythm that has the listener ready to mosh in no time.

One gets the impression that CUCAMARAS really are a band—that is to say, a group who listen to each other and work collaboratively to make music they love. This is what will give the band longevity and, most likely, extreme success.

While fans wait for their highly anticipated new EP, which is sure to be full of hits just like this one, they can get their fill of CUCAMARAS from ‘Porcelain’ - out on all streaming platforms now.

 Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Porcelain’ Official Single Cover

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