Sunday, November 20, 2022

Mahalia returns with soft new track ‘Bag Of You’

Following the release of her EP back in May, Mahalia has returned with the dreamy R&B single ‘Bag Of You’ . The track is every reason why Mahalia keeps the genre alive with honest raw emotions and elegant vocals.

Mahalia is a master of her craft. She has a certain ability to reinvent her sound while remaining to her roots of soulful songs. Her recent EP ‘Letters To Your Ex’ and the new track ‘Bag Of You’ incorporate the tranquil sounds of the guitar and a soothing piano to weighty and passionate lyrics. The new sound is different from her 2019 album ‘LOVE AND COMPROMISE’’, which followed the more eclectic sound of R&B and lyrics of a post-breakup ‘glow up’.

‘Bag Of You’ explores the emotions of loving so deeply. It’s a heart-warming track that takes a deep dive in the personal experience of love, while also acknowledging the insecurities that come with wanting so much of someone’s presence that “Come off like I’m needy/ All I need to know is that you need me.” We know from Mahalia’s older tracks that her exes have been pretty poor. The singer shared in an Instagram post, “I had to go through a couple of horrendous breakups to really see myself for who I was”, but ‘Bag Of You’ explores the joyous side of true, beautiful, irresistible love (“My God, that smile is so infectious”, Could you please tell me where your love is from? / So I can stop by the shop and pick up a bag of you.”).

The track explores a healthy relationship but as explained in her worries of being too ‘needy’, and also seems to bear the marks of past aches that have taught her to prepare for the worst in “I don’t wanna think about it/ When you’re not layin’ on my couch”. The anguished line “I hear the silence get louder” perfectly summarizes how your brain is sometimes your worst enemy, a line that is relatable whether you’re in a relationship or not. 

Bag Of You’ is a celebration being of open and comfortable with yourself and your significant love/ Mahalia’s angelic voice has us once again excited for what’s to come in the new year, in what we can perhaps call her ‘soft girl era’.



Georgia Eyles

Image: ‘Bag Of You’ Official Single Cover


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