Sunday, November 27, 2022

It’s just Confidence, Man! Brisbane band bring their catchy tunes and peculiar stage personas to Nottingham

The band everyone is talking about right now, Confidence Man bring their renowned show to Rock City in Nottingham on their UK/EU tour. The Aussie electropop quartet have been growing in popularity since the release of their single ‘Holiday’ from their second and most recent album ‘Tilt’

Their sensational performance at Glastonbury also got people talking as the world had their first glimpse of the electric, fierce, and chaotic band, Confidence Man. Whilst most bands are begging to be taken seriously, this group are quite the opposite. Confidence Man first started out by making trashy, plastic music for fun, but they soon found out listeners adored their records and their now one of the most prevalent bands around the world.  

Confidence Man really know how to get the party started as they emerge from backstage to the opening track of their dancey, feel-good song ‘Toy Boy’ in huge black suits with broad shoulders. The attitudes of Janet Planet and Sugar Bones are exuberated instantly with their edgy dance moves and their infectious poised stage presence. The outfits that are created by Janet Planet (who also choreographs the dance routines) add to their mysterious and inexplicable stage personas which finalizes and perfects the whole Confidence Man experience.  

Six songs and two costume changes later, it was time for Reggie Goodchild on synths and Clarence McGuffie on percussion to stand out. The puzzling and mystifying music geniuses at the back of the stage (who are wearing boiler suits and blacked-out lamp-shade-looking headpieces) are underrated musicians of our time. Their exceptional musical talent shines in tracks ‘Flute Song’, ‘Trumpet Song’ and ‘Relieve the Pressure’. How two men can make such a faultless sound and immaculate beat is something remarkable.  

The crowd get to experience pure Reggie and Clarence whilst Janet and Sugar get changed into their iconic white pieces with light-up shoulders for Sugar, and light up boobs for Janet. In this section of the set, the crowd comes alive. Confidence Man take their party to the next level when performing their track ‘C.O.O.L Party’. Sugar Bones pops open a bottle of champagne and sprays the audience and himself in booze. The dance moves to this song in the style of the ‘Y.M.C.A’ along with the pure mayhem of the band made this an unforgettable moment.  

For their last costume, you will see Janet and Sugar in outfits very similar to the ones they wear in the music videos for ‘Holiday’ and ‘Feels Like a Different Thing’. The acclaimed dance moves and formidable vibes during the last 4 songs made the atmosphere ludicrous, especially during ‘Don’t You Know I’m in a Band’. Sugar’s spotlight song made the crowd go crazy for him. It was then Janet’s turn to beam even more than normal during the track ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’. Her confidence and self-satisfied alter ego is contagious and it made the crowd adore her.  

Confidence Man kept talking to a minimum, so the energy and enthusiasm was at maximum during the whole set. This meant they could pack in even more of their snappy tunes in to their setlist. Including an encore that featured their cover of DJ Sammy’s ‘Heaven’. They first covered this song on the Australian radio station Triple J on their ‘Like a Version’ segment back in September. This was the perfect song for Confidence Man to cover, never mind finish their show with this incredible work of musical art.  

If you only ever go to one more gig in your life, make sure its Confidence Man. The charisma, vitality and perplexity of this band is contagious. They have a phenomenally rare stage presence, and this combined with their captivating, upbeat tracks makes them the best band to see live. It’s just Confidence, Man!  

Alice Mason

@alicemxson /@alicegoestogigs 

Image: Alice Mason

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