Sunday, November 27, 2022

FIDLAR release another epic punk track ‘Taste the Money'

Californian skater band FIDLAR share another new song ‘Taste the Money’ to live up to their punk, garage surf-rock reputation. 

This is the band's third single this year - the heavy guitar and throaty vocals we all know and love have been a constant throughout every new release.  

FIDLAR are experts in producing the perfect skater boy songs and this tune is a perfect example of that. You can hear the vibrating guitar riffs, aggressive drums and drug-themed lyrics which are the perfect ingredients for a FIDLAR song. 

The soft intervals of flawless guitar, bass and drums playing between the singing at the start of the song add another dimension to the track, with the vulnerability of the lyrics matching the tempo.

"And I’m so sick of blaming the alcohol" is an unusual lyric for a band so well known for their love of alcohol and drugs. This theme carries on throughout the track with lines such as "psychedelic therapy" and the powerfully poetic lyric "Am I tripping or is this trip tripping me?".

The beat also gets punchier as the song progresses, with the lyrics getting deeper and more thought-provoking. So, is this a sign that we could expect more emotional lyrics in future FIDLAR songs?  

Alice Mason 


Image: ‘Taste the Money’ Official Single Cover 

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