Monday, November 28, 2022

Big Rick Energy hits back with style in latest single

Producing that old-school alt-rock sound that is reminiscent of classic Foo Fighters, this latest single ‘Tired of Me’ by Big Rick Energy features some beautiful guitar work, supported by great vocals and smashing drums.

This song kicks off with a bang. A blistering, face-melting guitar solo greets the listener before the vocals take the spotlight. These solos are nowhere done however as they feature prominently all throughout the track.

Lead singer Rick Eberle is the evident star of the show when it comes to this single, whose raspy but beautiful vocals take this cut to the next level. His introspective lyrics make you question your own life journey as he explores real introspective themes. Still reeling after the end of a relationship, Rick explores himself, and what life means to him now that he moves onto the next step of his life. He explores how his actions can have an impact on other people’s lives also.

The production deserves mention as it is also top-notch. The levels are superbly mixed and are quietened when the guitar solos kick in, allowing the listener to fully soak them in. This song is the definition of replayable, with stunning guitar hooks and brilliant vocals sure to bring the listener back time and time again.

Dan Jones 

Image: ‘Tired of Me’ Official Single Cover


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