Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Black Honey Unveil Dazzling New Single, 'Out of My Mind'

Brighton-based indie rock quartet Black Honey have released their dazzling new single, ‘Out of My Mind’. A whirlwind combination of a bold, energetic melody and anxious, dissociative lyrics renders the track an impressive fusion of vibrant indie rock and vulnerable lyricism.

Musically, the song’s pop-fused sound, punchy guitars, and fast pace make it dazzling – almost dizzy at points – reflecting the disorientation that lead singer, Izzy Phillips, sings of throughout the track.

In the song’s infectious chorus, Phillips repeatedly sings, “All I want to do is get out of my, out of my mind”, encapsulating the track’s central lyrical theme of the desire to escape from feelings of anxiety and alienation. Phillips desperately seeks relief – “Take me by the hand / 'Cause I don't understand” - from the confusing, often painful mental state that she repeatedly finds herself in – “Morning is a war, I'm in pieces” … “I'm stuck in old ways”.

The song’s release was also accompanied by a stunning music video, depicting the band dressed up and performing at a surreal-looking event that appears to be a classic school prom. The video’s dreamy, vintage aesthetic adds to the song’s pop-fused sound, but the dissociative look upon Phillip’s face throughout certainly reflects its more somber lyrics.

Arriving over a year since the release of their second album, ‘Written and Directed’, the brilliant ‘Out of My Mind’ gives fans an exciting taste of what’s to come from the ever-captivating, ever-talented Black Honey.

Ellie Henderson


Image: 'Out of My Mind' Official Single Cover

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