Wednesday, October 12, 2022

London-based musician Daisy George’s debut single is a slick jazz-rap call to action

An established bass player in London’s jazz scene, Daisy George has revealed her first single in anticipation of her debut EP, ‘see me now’, expected out in November. 

‘do u feel?’ sees George collaborate with Birmingham rapper SANITY and take aim at gender inequality and hollow feminism over a gleaming electronic jazz backdrop.

Ushered in with warm, humming synths, the track takes time to build up its soundscape of rich brass and tingling guitar, before SANITY’s assertive vocals take command over the song. "Say you hear me but do you feel?" she asks repeatedly, expressing the track’s central concern: the gulf between paying lip service to a cause and actually taking the action needed. "Cause you say equality but you’re quick to pick at my flaws," she adds emphatically.

The song then launches into a rapturous guitar solo, each note bending, wobbling drunkenly to give the effect of being underwater. Engulfed in distortion, the percussion hastening urgently, the track shudders to a seismic conclusion. George evokes a sense of volatility and turbulence with buzzing dissonant synths while SANITY accuses "you don’t feel what I mean!"

It’s a passionate and idiosyncratic debut, laying the groundwork for what promises to be a fresh and daring first EP. 

‘see me now’ is out 25th November via Brace Yourself Records.


Zoë White 


Image: 'do u feel?' Official Single Cover


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