Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Clark Graham delivers folk-rock excellence on ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’

Canadian artist Clark Graham is clearly passionate about his craft. Since his debut track ‘Scarecrow’ in 2018, he has released four albums packed with consistently meditative, warm, and folksy jams.

‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’, alongside ‘Western Sky’, released in June, show the Vancouver-born singer tapping into a more upbeat vein of his signature sound. In them, he is firmly finding his groove, weaving together genre influences to imbue the well-trod topics of love and heartache with sincerity and spirit.

A musician through and through, Graham is involved in all areas of his tracks’ creation, writing, performing instrumentals and producing them himself. It speaks to his artistry that this recent track pays tribute to and honours a range of influences. Its minimalistic drum-and-guitar backing recalls The Lumineers, and there is an echo of Americana greats like Woody Guthrie in the organic, unpretentious relationship between the instrumentals and vocals.

‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ is also cozy and outdoorsy, its folksiness lending a sitting-round-the-bonfire warmth to its refrain. And the lyrics are dreamily wistful­–an ode to an image of beauty crystallised by remembrance. The titular girl’s identity is crafted by Graham’s crooning as if a sepia-toned photograph: “the sun is shining overtop the window / I can feel the warmth, I feel the light”.

In the track’s press release, Graham shared its core message, that “Sometimes we can’t truly appreciate something or someone until it’s too late and they’re gone.” If ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ is a eulogy to yesterday’s love, it’s a beautiful and toe-tapping one, to boot.

Clark Graham’s new EP, ‘Southlands’, is out on 7th October. Advertised as a “collection of backcountry, foot tapping, soul soothing folk rock songs”, it might just be his best work to date. If the nostalgic bliss of ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ is any indication, it will be the perfect soundtrack to your autumn.



Eleanor Burleigh


Image: ‘The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes’ Official Single Cover


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