Tuesday, October 04, 2022

5 Seconds of Summer Share a Sedating New Single Featuring Sierra Deaton

5 Seconds of Summer is a Sydney-based pop quartet that has released another new single called 'Older'

Their latest single follows other successes such as 'Teeth' and 'Amnesia'. Their latest offering simply lures its audience into a heightened sense of emotionally charged territory. 

The piano-backed ballad is accompanied by lyrics that are heart-wrenching from start to finish and the quartet is comprised of Luke HemmingsCalum WoodAshton Irwin, and Michael Clifford. The single also features backing vocals from the well-known artist, Sierra Deaton.  

The record begins on an anacrusis with the first line of the song ‘’I don’t want to get older / Without your head on my shoulder”, which is accompanied by an acoustic piano to immediately start stirring sentiments uprooted from the past. The instrumentation is subtle, and the dynamics delicately fluctuate in between sections. The transition between verse and chorus is prompted by a drum fill and it seems as though brushes are used in the recording, as opposed to sticks.  

Sierra Deaton lent a hand to the recording by providing intimate backing vocals. The outro includes minimal instrumentation which gently fades into the background, leaving the audience with a sense of uncertainty – but it is swiftly backed by a sense of optimism and emotional satisfaction. The new track is provocative and will certainly raise a few eyebrows – there won’t be a dry eye in the house when this song is heard live.  

The band’s sound has been reaching overseas audiences for roughly a decade now. They are about to embark on a world tour, with trips to London, Las Vegas, and Brisbane all on the horizon over the next few months. The song is well-worth downloading and is available on all major streaming platforms.  Be sure to follow their social media pages to stay in the loop for future updates.  


Antony Bailey 


Image: ‘Older’ Official Single Cover

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