Monday, October 03, 2022

Paramore show ‘This Is Why’ They’re The Masters of Reinvention

It’s the comeback emo kids and music lovers alike have been waiting for: the return of Paramore.

5 years since the release of the 2017 album ‘After Laughter’ and a scarily, but much-needed, indefinite hiatus, the trio are back with a powerhouse of a new single.

To fans who have been following the band for a while, it will come as no surprise that Paramore have once again switched up their sound for this new era. ‘This Is Why’ feels like a concoction of ‘After Laughter’s’  funk-driven groove mixed with the slightly heavier instrumentation found on the 2009 album ‘Brand New Eyes’.

The single also comes with a new music video, using a clean muted colour palette and sun-saturated scenery as Williams depicts a character gradually losing her mind. Perhaps the most important take from the music video is how it shows that York, Williams and Farro constantly show up for each other. Whether that’s through metaphor when Williams falls through a window and the boys catch her, or relying on each other as a support system. In this regard, it absolutely makes sense that this album is the only Paramore album to consist of the same line-up as its predecessor. 

Whereas in 2013, the band sarcastically asked “Ain’t it fun? / Living in the real world” - most likely as a defence mechanism to the trials and tribulations that come with reality - now, in 2022, ‘This Is Why’ feels like a direct response to that exhausting perseverance: “This is why I don’t leave the house”.

Although similar in lyrical theme, the 2 singles, released almost a decade apart, are sonically contrasting. Switching out a soulful gospel choir and a funky bass line for an array of rally-like chants and jagged guitar distortion, the song feels like a sonic reflection of the sheer fatigue and frustration that comes with keeping up with the constantly overwhelmingly discouraging state of the word in 2022. Never before have Paramore delivered such a direct commentary on the social state of existence, “If you have an opinion / maybe you should shove it / Or maybe you could scream it / might be best to keep it / to yourself”, whilst delivered in such a catchy, post-punk-funk manner.

Countless times, Paramore have proved themselves worthy of being a consistently adored musical figure. Their ability to tap into current influences and narratives whilst incorporating their own authenticity and experiences and, above all, keeping a new, fresh sound of reinvention, proves why they have remained a constant successful band for nearly two decades.

This Is Why’ the album, is set for release on February 10th 2023.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: ‘This Is Why’ Official Single Cover

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