Tuesday, September 20, 2022

‘These Are The Good Old Days’ by Coutrney Marie Andrews is exactly the kind of positive sentiment we need

From 2010 to 2011, Courtney Marie Andrews was an auxiliary member of indie icons Jimmy Eat World.

But since taking the spotlight with her first widely distributed and breakthrough album ‘Honest Life’ in 2016, she has become one of Americana music’s biggest success stories.

The Arizona-born singer-songwriter shares enchanting new single ‘These Are The Good Old Days’. The track is the third single of her upcoming 6th album ‘Loose Future’

'These Are The Good Old Days’ begins alluringly, with a softly plucked nylon string guitar accompanied by dreamy layers of reverberated effects and soft drums. The soundscape feels both fresh and modern, yet grounded in traditional instrumentation. Then comes Courtney’s voice singing “in the backseat of his car”.  Her voice is the star of the track, with an effortlessly classic American warmth, reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. Coutrney is gifted with a special vocal, but in this track specifically, she soars.

Speaking of the song in a press release, Courtney said in a statement “‘These are the good old days’ is a saying my uncle always say to try and remind us of the beauty of the now.” She adds “I also genuinely wanted to write a feel-good song after such a dark few years”. She uses this familiar idiomatic expression taken from her Uncle, and creates a beautiful piece of art. ‘These Are The Good Old Days’ is the kind of positive mantra we could all do with hearing.

The accompanying music video see’s the singer dancing in a selection of dull, grey rooms in an old, outdated office building. Dolled up in extravagant clothes and makeup, she seems to be highlighting how moments of joy and happiness can even be found in the greyest of situations.

In ‘These Are The Good Old Days’, Courtney Marie Andrews crafts a perfectly infectious acoustic mantra, bursting with the kind of positivity the world needs.

Euan Blackman

Image: ‘These Are The Good Old Days’ Official Single Cover

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