Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Lonnieclaire Deliver Whirlwind Of A Track With ‘Flock O’ Fakes’

New York-based Lonnieclaire have released their brand new single ‘Flock O’ Fakes’.

Having formed in the mid-1990s, the band have yet again shown their dedication to their music with this new release. 

In true Lonnieclaire style, the track revels in loud, punk instrumentation. Barely giving listeners a chance to escape its driving, sustained guitars and aching vocals, the track is unavoidably ear-grabbing.

A slow-building introduction sets the intense tone of the track, gradually bringing together the band until the punk instrumentation is solidified for the rest of the song to follow. This enticement really creates a whirlwind effect where there are always various musical elements interacting, constantly giving the listener something new to focus on.

Distorted guitars and percussion elements are constantly rippling through the track, but it’s the drums that are truly the main driving force of this concoction, everything else fitting around them as they cleverly manipulate the tempo. The mix of the track also maintains interest, with the main vocals panning from left to right, but the eerie harmonies kept central. Additionally, the use of call and response helps to keep the melodies fresh and exciting, as the inquisitively dark lyrics are repeated: “How many lives does it take?”. Ultimately, Lonnieclaire has created a track which takes listeners on a fast-paced audio adventure.

Flock O’ Fakes’ is a testament to the band’s ever-present expression of their sound and their pure resilience in the music industry. Not every artist possesses this staying power, but Lonnieclaire have brilliantly stepped up to the plate for nearly 30 years and that in itself is hugely impressive. ‘Flock O’ Fakes’ is yet another moment that proves their commitment and devotion to the craft.

Rachel Feehan

@rachiefee @rachel_feehan

Image: ‘Flock O’ Fakes’ Official Single Cover 

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