Monday, September 19, 2022

Suki Waterhouse unveils powerful new tearjerker, ‘Nostalgia’

Following on from her debut album, ‘I Can’t Let Go’, which was released earlier this year, multi-talented English artist Suki Waterhouse shows no sign of slowing down on the music front as she releases a mellow, wistful new song, ‘Nostalgia.’ 

A track that embodies an overwhelming sense of yearning throughout, the song bears the weight of that familiar, almost comforting homesickness that is associated with the breakdown and subsequent longing of a past relationship. 

Giving into the vulnerability that accompanies such feelings of reminiscence, the lyrics within Waterhouse’s new track are unconditionally raw and transparent as she explores the deceptive nature of nostalgia. As she declares “I talk about the past like I talk about you, / I leave out every little thing / That I don’t like remembering”, the track instantly becomes an intimate declaration of the implications of love – a catch-22 situation that is so universally relatable. 


As the song builds up its tempo, Waterhouse sings “You were so easy to forgive / But not so easy to forget / Why can’t I keep you / Right where I want you?” In-fitting with her other tracks, such as the slow, sentimental ‘Wild Side’, Waterhouse explores the duality of lust and longing that nostalgia so painfully encompasses; the desire to rekindle a past relationship versus the reality of romanticising an illusion. 


Moving through emotions towards the song’s melodramatic ending, the chorus repeats itself a few times, almost like an affirmation, before fading out: “Together, forever, nostalgia / It’s crazy, baby, I want you” – acknowledging the futility of relationships. As she gives voice to the duality of such complex feelings, Waterhouse graces fans with an overall beautifully sentimental song – one which embodies the notion of nostalgia in a perfectly relatable, realistically soothing way. 


With her vocals gaining popular recognition this year due to her single ‘Good Looking’ (originally released in 2017 and re-released in 2022) taking social media by storm, as well as a current North American tour, Waterhouse is no doubt going to continue growing and thriving in her music career. 


Sophia Di Maida 


Image: ‘Nostalgia’ Official Single Cover


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