Monday, September 26, 2022

The Big Moon Shine In Manchester

 On September 25th, The Big Moon took to the stage at Manchester Academy 2, as a part of their first tour in over two years - Supported by Arxx and Gently Tender.

The Big Moon have been making a mark in the music industry for some time now, playing a host of festivals and sold out shows over the years. They are about to release their third album, ‘Here Is Everything’ which based off of the singles released so far, looks to be something pretty special. 

First up was Arxx, an exciting new rock duo who made their half an hour set fly by, the highlight being unreleased track ‘Ride Or Die’ which got the crowd repeating lyrics back to the band throughout; the whole audience for sure will be waiting on that song’s release. 

Then we had Gently Tender, a band that features The Big Moon’s very own Celia Archer on keys. They played through a host of songs from their new album, ‘Take Hold Of Your Promise!’

Now it was time for The Big Moon.

They opened with three standout tracks from their second album, ‘It’s Easy Then’,’ Take A Piece’ and 'Don't Think'.

The crowd screamed every word, the band seemed overwhelmed with their reception.  “We’re gonna play an old one now” said singer Jules Jackson, as they played the opening line to ‘Cupid', the lead single from their 2017 Mercury nominated album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’. This song is a classic Big Moon song and one which will for sure always be a staple in their live sets. 

“Who walked into the room? // Who walked into the room? // 'Cause it feels like crashing // And it feels like landing //  And I want to dance // And I want to cry” sang Jules as the band played ‘Wide Eyes', a track off their upcoming album Here Is Everything'. Despite only being out a matter of months, this song already seemed to resonate deeply with many people. A song written about Jules’ early experiences and emotions during the beginning of her motherhood. The crowd sang each word harmoniously as Jules remarked “wow you really all know the words to that one already??”

“We have something special to say” Jules said joyfully, “it’s actually 8 years ago tomorrow since we played our first ever show!! So we’re gonna do something cute now” Jules Jackson, Celia Archer and Soph Nathan all stood together at the front of the stage, and sang the opening to ‘Formidable’ - this was a really beautiful moment. Their voices harmonised perfectly, it was almost gospel sounding. After they’d sung the opening they returned to their respective instruments and smashed out the rest of the song as loudly as they possibly could; a very powerful moment. 

“We’re gonna do a cover now… if that’s alright with you?” Asked Celia, the crowd shouted in anticipation. “We’ve been doing this one at festivals, and it’s a bit self-indulgent, but we like it. And hopefully you like it too” the band leapt into Fatboy Slim’s, ‘Praise You’, it was such an uplifting and feel good moment in their set. Ultimately the best and simplest way to describe their version of this is just pure happiness, and if you were there you’ll agree for sure.

‘Bonfire’ was up next - this has always been a stand-out Big Moon song since It’s release in 2017. An energetic and fun song, this one really translates well in a live setting. Jules got into the crowd, singing right into the faces of adoring fans. They followed this with their newest single, ‘Trouble’ which is another powerful song that followed it perfectly. 

Encore time now, and we have ‘Waves’ followed by lead single of their second album ‘Your Light’. The crowd, to no surprise, sang back every line. Everyone there will agree this was a special gig, and hopefully we won’t be waiting another 2 years to see them live again.

The Big Moon’s new album ‘Here Is Everything’ is out on 14th October. 

Jazz Myatt


Images: Jazz Myatt

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