Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Raw passion and true talent have never been blended as beautifully as in Blake Collins’ new single

Singer-songwriter Blake Collins has recently released his latest single from his forthcoming album entitled ‘There’s Nowhere Like Here’ much to his fans’ delight. 

His unique blend of indie, rock, and pop allows the music he creates to burst with energy and emotion, and this song is no different. From incredible lead guitar solos to the passionate and intense longing feeling that listeners interpret from the lyrics, ‘You’ve Been On My Mind’ is perhaps one of the most exciting releases from the artist to date.

It begins with a steady, fast-paced tempo, and listeners are quickly introduced to a funky and creative guitar riff, sprinkled sporadically throughout the song. Impeccable instrumentation is used, in line with the rest of the album, providing fans with a chance to see Collins’ full range. The guitar solo in the bridge is powerful and dynamic, aiding the storyline of romantic longing beautifully. 

As the lyrics begin, we are immediately aware of the affection at the core of the track: “There’s something you should know / But I can’t find the words.” The inability to form sentences when nervous, in love, and excited is a hard emotion to capture as it’s so raw and personal, but Collins does this brilliantly. 

He uses interesting vocal harmonies akin to The Beatles to create a winning combination of sounds that reach the depths of his fans’ emotions. The choral lyrics “You’ve been on my mind / You know you’ve been there all the time” are placed on top of the unwavering guitar part and are immediately followed by backing vocals emphasising the feeling of romantic yearning. The track expertly urges listeners to take the chance and pursue that love – the time is now!

Blake Collins has once again created a thing of beauty, whilst bringing joy to and fascinating his listeners.

Abby Price


Image: Blake Collins ‘You’ve Been On My Mind’ Official Single Cover

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