Monday, September 26, 2022

Scottish Musicians First Tiger Deliver ‘If We Met Today’

A couple years after their 2016 debut album ‘Dedicated’, Glasgow’s First Tiger returned to the scene with ‘No Such Place’, released in June of this year. 

The musicians said via Instagram that creating ‘No Such Place’ had been a joy, despite the fact that recording was ongoing during the pandemic. The album’s most popular release, ‘If We Met Today’, is a clear reflection of this.

If We Met Today’ begins with a jovial anacrusis introducing the drumbeat and the main guitar chords, which flow into a trumpet melody before the entrance of the first verse. Richard Merchant joins in on trumpet, taking the song in a seductive direction. The listener is transported to a smoky bar in the 20s where a Richard Hawley song is playing. 

The song describes the regret one experiences after losing “the one who got away”—a well-known trope. “I was a fool”, sings the lead vocalist, following with, “I walked away from a good thing like I knew what I was doing”. In the chorus, the musician wishes they have “met today”, and daydreams about how things may have turned out differently.

Overall, ‘If We Met Today’ brings an unexpected combination of melody, rhythm, and instrumentation. Their unique and catchy songwriting makes them a band to keep an eye on in the future.

Evelina Lungu


Image: ‘No Such Place’ Official Album Cover

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