Sunday, September 18, 2022

Little Thief release celebratory new single ‘Lost In Love’

Celebration and love are in the air for the alternative rock duo Little Thief. The group has released ‘Lost In Love’ and its B-side ‘I'm On Fire’ to celebrate the duo's recent engagement announcement, and the first anniversary of their debut album 'Under The Patio’.

Charlie Fitzgerald and Rhii Williams formed their group in 2015 after almost ten years of making music together, and shortly after meeting their bassist Paul Hopkins. Ever since the group has expanded their talents and impressive sonic sounds.

Over the years, the group has become known for their intense and visceral live performances, which have ultimately refined their sound to become bold and gritty. In 2019 Ryan Rogers was added to their live band and their chilling sound became menacingly huge, covering themes from serial killers to the fleeting nature of beauty, and the dark side of all things, including love.

In the summer of 2019, Little Thief took their songs to be recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios. They began pushing out popular singles such as ‘Doctor’ and ‘Caroline’ which would eventually appear on their 2021 debut album ‘Under The Patio’. Now almost a year to the date, the duo is releasing the track ‘Lost in Love’. Speaking to Front View Magazine, vocalist Charlie Fitzgerald said: "We wanted to write a song that explored the unspoken, unexpected, sultry passion that creeps in when you're 6 feet deep."

Lyrically the song poetically explores experiencing new adventures with a long-time love, with the simple chorus repeating “Lost in love / Again / I can't get enough of you”. There seems to be a lot of influence from Queens of the Stone Age in this track, opening with a more synthetic and lingering bass line, with an exploding chorus. The synthetic sound fades out in the chorus into simply thrashing. The guitar and the drums rage on with very little rhythm that somehow overpowers the screaming vocals in the last half of the single. The lyrics are incredibly poetic and Rhii Williams has a very wonderful voice that is mostly heard in the background which highlights the song.

In their newest release, Little Thief continues to be unique in their sound while sharing their love with the world. This haunting track may not be their best but it is passionate and beautiful in its own way.

Hope Orr
Image: ‘Under The Patio’ Official Album Cover

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