Wednesday, September 14, 2022

SJ Denney Deals with Doubt in New Song 'I Don't Know If This Changes Things'

Essex-based singer-songwriter SJ Denney taps into his emotions to bring us 'I Don't Know If This Changes Things.’  It's his latest release; an offering that carries his signature indie-rock and folk sound.  In this song, the artist tackles the mutability of relationships. He talks about time and chance, as well as longing and regret, and also hope and pain. 

Listeners will hear a magnificent blending of instrumentation. The trumpet, piano, and baritone electric guitar all come together to create something truly special. As for the vocals, Denney drags some of the lyrics, reflecting the nostalgia and passion behind the message. 

"If you see me running / then I'm chasing something new" is about the peril of the past and excitement of novelty. It's this disregarding of history that's captured by the lines “Move forward with an open mind / Forget the things you left behind." He has learned from his mistakes, and now knows the value of savouring the moment. That's why he sings “Those moments that we wasted / Were full of strange exchanges." 

One gets to share in his hopes and wishes with lines like "It would be nice to share some time together." He's trying to be nonchalant about it, he isn't even sure if his words will have an effect on his subject. The title of the song itself reinforces this idea. Still, hope is evident in lyrics such as "There's a new day / That tomorrow brings." 

There's a rawness to this track, owing to the simplicity of the folk influences herein. The easy-going guitar melody factors in that regard. The jingling piano, especially in the beginning, adds a lightness to it. You get a broadcasting of the trumpet just after midway that's ceremonious and momentous. 

Confusion never sounded so good. 'I Don't Know If This Changes Things' is both a heart-wrenching and thrilling listen.


Gavin Mndawe

@Gavin Mndawe

Image: SJ Denney 'I Don't Know If This Changes Things' Official Single Cover

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