Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Pixies Tease New Album with Intoxicating Single ‘Dregs of the Wine’

Pixies have recently released a new track titled ‘Dregs of the Wine’ ahead of their new LP ‘Doggerel’ set to be released on September 30th. This song is the third one they have published in the build-up to the album drop.

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1986, Pixies have a well-recognised sound across various generations, inspiring bands like Radiohead and Nirvana. The Pixies disbanded in 1993, then reunited eleven years later in 2004. Members of the band, Black Francis (vocals, guitar), David Lovering (drums), Joey Santiago (lead guitar) and Paz Lenchantin, who replaced Kim Doal as the band’s bassist in 2013, are most famous for their song ‘Where Is My Mind?’.

‘Dregs of the Wine’ is a song with a very nostalgic, nineties sound, co-written by Santiago and Francis, who said in a recent press release that it’s about, “living in Los Angeles in the 90’s” which is very clear from the lyrics: “drinking the dregs of the wine/ under the Hollywood sign”. The song is filled with pop culture references to reflect the band’s experiences during the height of their fame, the song even opens with “while I prefer the original version of ‘You Really Got Me’/ She will defer to the Van Halen version,” and later references the late comedian Redd Foxx.

The alternative rock band haven’t strayed from their famous sound, from the bassline alone, ‘Dregs of the Wine’ is instantly recognisable as a Pixies’ song. It’s interesting that the grungy track reflects Francis and Santiago’s experiences from the time – almost as if they’re paying tribute to the decade.

The mellow guitar riff that opens the song quickly transforms into a strong rhythm as it progresses into the first verse and then gets heavier in the chorus. This song could easily pass for some of the Pixies earlier music, and it’s refreshing to see the band continue their musical endeavours without drifting from the music their fans enjoy.

The Pixies have just finished their European tour and are set to begin their next one on the 1st of October in San Diego, California. It seems they’ve still got it, hopefully ‘Doggerel’ has a similar degree of resonance to ‘Dregs of the Wine’!



Sienna Norris


Image: ‘Dregs of the Wine’ Official Single Cover

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