Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Dermot Kennedy’s new single ‘Kiss Me’ is an apocalyptic love story

Renowned storytelling songwriter Dermot Kennedy delivers pop excellence in ‘Kiss Me’ by fusing heartfelt lyrics with an infectious melodic hook to create an epic love story. This latest release features on the single ‘Songs of Sonder’, giving a sneak peak of his upcoming highly anticipated second studio album, ‘Sonder’, which is set to be released on 23rd September.\

‘Kiss Me’ tells the story of an intense and passionate relationship. The lyrics, co-written by  Dan Smith of Bastille, KOZ and Steve Mac, outline the passion and intensity of one moment and the feeling that there could come a day where it all could disappear. These particular lines: “Let this night invade my lungs / you’re all I wanna breathe / right beside the lake I burn for you / you burn for me” sets the tone for this beautifully. 


The music video, directed by ABCDCD, encapsulates this feeling. It follows Kennedy and his significant other on a journey whereby everything is collapsing and falling to pieces around them, yet he barely takes his eyes off his love interest – if he does, that could be the end of everything. The apocalyptic scene is set by a moment in time that could resonate with so many listeners – a relationship and a love that you feel so deeply you want to remain in that moment for as long as possible. The chorus further highlights that intensity and this relatable feeling of love and passion that burns bright but could be so easily extinguished. When the chorus kicks in with “kiss me the way that you would if we die tonight / And hold me the way that you would for the final time”, as does the overwhelming message to make the most of that moment before it’s gone. 


Upon the release of ‘Kiss me’, whilst currently completing a busking tour, Kennedy announced a record store tour with some of the UKs finest independent retailers including Rough Trade and Action Records. His record store dates will begin in Kingston on 3rd November and includes a total of seven dates across the UK with tickets available now. 



Shannon Gillespie

@shannongillespie / @shangillmusic

Image: ‘Songs of Sonder’ official single cover

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