Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Love And All Things Tender: Introducing ‘Before We Fade To Grey’ By Lemon

Amsterdam-based band Lemon has been releasing music since 2003; over this two-decade span, they have stepped into their own. ‘Before We Fade To Grey,’ oozes with their distinct take on the indie-pop genre, adding a flare and happy, go-lucky spark?

‘Before We Fade To Grey’ tells the story of love and life and, from the get-go, sounds like the embodiment of all things indie-pop but with an added flare, an indie-rock edge.

Blending the two, Lemon has created the perfect balance between angst and feel-good. This juxtaposition is shown perfectly through their lyrics “…before we fade to grey, let’s laugh our days away,” creating a subtle yet obvious oxymoron. Lemon excellently builds on the idea that even if things end, enjoy them whilst they last. 

Lemon reinstates this oxymoron by creating a somewhat lively rhythm throughout the song, a toe-tapping; yet, ponderous drumbeat makes it the perfect counterpart to the softer guitars that produces a sweeter side and a great emphasis on the harmony arrangement and the band’s songwriting capabilities.

Overall, Lemon has created a future classic indie-pop track. 'Before We Fade To Grey' is simple in its structure but an enjoyable listen. Showing clear influences from Summer Of Love, Talking Heads, and Stone Roses, this track is an indie fan's dream, and Lemon are the band to watch out for. 

Ana Joy King


Image: mantisphotography

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