Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Is this 'As Good as It Gets' for Steve Trafford?

There aren’t many songwriters who can boast a history of collaborations with the likes of The FallPaul Heaton (Formerly a bandmate of Fatboy Slim in The Housemartins) and Tom Chapman (New Order), however, Steve Trafford can add all of those to his record. 

Now, however, Trafford is ready to embark on his own solo mission. With a demonstrably impeccable songwriting ability, it’s easy to see why he feels he deserves his own time in the spotlight. 

As Good As It Gets’ sets the tone of his new solo endeavours, with the last solo music from Steve Trafford dating all the way back to 2011. The new single entirely strips Trafford from his post-punk roots as, ultimately, it’s an intimate pop song which is completely devoid of any links to Trafford’s previous compositions. 


Trafford’s effortless vocals are well suited and unapologetically Mancunian. The track is subtly layered with guitars, whilst the moderate trumpets provide a sobering, melancholic undertone to the track. 


The titular lyrics “as good as it gets” portray the acceptance of what Steve Trafford has got in his life, making the song one of appreciation. “If you are worth fighting for, I’ll lay down my guns and bayonet”, continues the chorus, again emphasising the feeling of gratitude - particularly towards those we are surrounded by, which is the overarching inspiration behind the song. 


Steve Trafford has proved that sometimes less is more; though the song is simple, it exhibits his tremendous ability to turn simplicity into a catchy, melodic record with an uplifting message embedded within it. Whilst there is still more to come from Steve Trafford in his solo work, only a cynic would contest that this track is 'As Good as It Gets'.  

Harry Blunt-Bigwood


Image: 'As Good as It Gets' Official Single Cover


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