Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Raven Shelley Proves To Be A Master Of Melancholy On Latest Single

Raven Shelley did what very few budding musicians do when she left the bright lights of Manchester for the more tranquil setting of the nearby Peak District. 

Whilst she may be away from the venues and contacts of the music industry, the rural lifestyle hasn’t hampered the singer’s knack for writing a great tale in the form of a pop song. 

Do You Miss Me Yet’ is a witty three-and-a-half-minute ride of ethereal guitars and soft drums. 

The humour in the artist’s lyrics takes centre stage as she details the plights of a one-sided relationship. “Good luck finding someone to put up with you / I think I deserve a medal for all the shit I had to endure,” sings Shelley in a breezy manner that hides any hint of genuine anguish she may be feeling. It is no surprise that Shelley, who initially grew up in France, studied English literature at university and has a deep passion for poetry, as the track is full of a dozen amusing and humourous lyrics that any English songwriter or poet would be proud of. 

The deliverance of those lyrics is akin to Kate Nash on her track ‘Foundations’. The French native has clearly taken inspiration—‘Do You Miss Me Yet’ matches the comedy of the noughties British classic step for step. What is surprising for such a new artist, however, is how she subtly hints at emotion throughout the song, where the amusing and quick-witted lines often feel tinged by a sadness that comes through in the soft delivery. Shelley herself tries to brush it off as she states, “I’m not being bitter, I’m just pissed off with your lack of gratitude”. Yet the melancholy in her voice accompanied by the sudden appearance of an emotionally driven string section seemingly betrays her true feelings. 

Do You Miss Me Yet’ is only the second track released by Shelley, but she has already proven to be one of the better lyricists around, especially when the subtlety in her voice can litter even the simplest of songs with multiple double entendres. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘Do You Miss Me Yet’ Official Single Cover


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