Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Sarantos Serves up a Sweet Serenade in 'Easy On The Eyes'

'Easy On The Eyes' is the latest contribution from Sarantos, a prolific creative artist who wears several hats.

This author, radio presenter, and poet gives us a raw, spellbinding love ballad in which he appreciates his lover. With a congruent combination of drums, guitar, and tonic vocals, it's got an indie-pop sound that is refreshing and enrapturing. 

He sets a flirtatious tone with "That DNA looks good on you / Every rainbow smiles down on you". That's the poet in him manifesting in this number. Gratitude is what it's about in "I can’t believe you’re holdin' my hand / That you picked me to be your man". The icing on the cake with this delivery is the sincerity with which it comes.

He makes known his high opinion of her, singing "there's nothing you can't do / nothing's impossible for you." He's a smooth talker, this guy, and one sees why the girl picked him in the first place. What girl doesn't want a guy that makes her believe in herself anyway? He praises her appearance and he doesn't neglect to speak to her ambitions. Yes, the girl is 'easy on the eyes' but she's also capable of anything. 

There's a mellifluous melody, melt-in-your-ear vocals, and a general merriness. It's a straight-out conjuring of absolute genius.

Gavin Mndawe

@Gavin Mndawe

Image: 'Easy on the Eyes' Official Single Cover 

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