Friday, September 16, 2022

The Lightning Seeds Get Desperate and Sentimental in New Release 'Emily Smiles'

'Emily Smiles' is a highlight in 'See You In The Stars', Liverpool band The Lightning Seeds' new album. 

It's a breezy and unforgettable tune, one of ten songs in the fresh but long-brewing project. 

Striking at the suffering that comes with miscommunication and separation in a relationship, the song targets the transformative and endearing nature of something as simple as a smile. 

Leading vocalist Ian Broudie encapsulates reminiscence with the words "Hey girl, I miss your smile / Gotta say it's been a while". Listeners are pulled into this revisit of memories thanks to the evocative tone of Broudie’s voice, and his conversational delivery of the lyrics makes it an authentic experience. 

The chorus lyrics — "When Emily cries / I lose my head and I lose my mind" — feel like the words of a man highly attached to better days long gone. They evoke someone that's been deprived of a connection, so much so that one small act — a smile — pushes him to the edge.

The supporting vocals simply hook you in. From the "yeah, yeah, yeah" to the addictive "baby, baby, baby, baby" that comes before the chorus, the whole song is exhilarating and uplifting. Yes, there's a sadness to the sentiments presented here — yet still, there are lines like "so goodbye to sorrow / say hello to tomorrow" that add a positive twist to it all.

'Emily Smiles' is a smile-stimulating offering that's sure to leave fans swaying from side to side.

Gavin Mndawe

@Gavin Mndawe

Image: 'Emily Smiles' Official Single Cover


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