Thursday, September 01, 2022

Larkin Poe Stay Close To Their Roots In New Single, ‘Georgia Off My Mind’

Country/rock duo Larkin Poe, made up of sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell, have released their progressive new single, ‘Georgia Off My Mind’, a song which joins previous releases ‘Bad Spell’ and title track ‘Blood Harmony’ from their upcoming studio album, set to be shared on November 11th. 

The sisters, who have played and created music together since they were young, impressively take on the foundations of Ray Charles’ blues trailblazer ‘Georgia On My Mind’

By adding a more modern sound which includes electric guitar and punchy drums, as well as powerful lyrics to resonate with a modern audience, the band successfully transforms this classic track into a dynamic masterpiece for a fresh generation of blues rock listeners.

The single’s lyrics express the challenge of leaving behind your old life in pursuit of your dreams, an experience that the girls are familiar with given their move from Georgia to Nashville earlier on in their music career, which is referred to in the chorus: “Tennessee, keep Georgia off my mind”. The decision, as the track suggests, was therefore not taken lightly by the sisters, and they continue to regularly travel between their two hometowns, as both places still mean a lot to them.

Speaking to Rock at Night, the band have explained that the track is “a love song for the stretch of I-24 that connects Atlanta and Nashville’, and the opening line, “I hate the way you look / Getting smaller in my rear-view” makes this sentiment immediately apparent for fans.

‘Georgia Off My Mind’ is a track which demonstrates the band’s extensive vocal and musical talent, as well as their forward-thinking concepts and ideas. Combining modern-sounding electric guitars and drums with crooning vocals that are associated with a more traditional notion of blues, Larkin Poe deliver a touching tribute to childhood memories, whilst also expressing their gratitude for having made this tricky decision, as it allowed them to flourish as artists and become the powerful blues rock act they are today.

With the release of this track and the fast-approaching release date of their full album, Larkin Poe plan to promote their new music by embarking on multiple headline shows, as well as performing at a number of festivals and other live shows, ticket details of which can be found on the band’s official website.




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Image: ‘Georgia Off My Mind’ Official Single Cover



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