Thursday, September 01, 2022

Witch Fever are back with chilling new song ‘I Saw You Dancing’

In the run-up to the release of their album ‘Congregation’, Manchester doom-punk band, Witch Fever, have released ‘I Saw You Dancing’, the third single from the upcoming project. While slower-paced than ‘Congregation’ and ‘Blessed be Thy’, ‘I Saw You Dancing’ is no less hard-hitting. 

Opening with a rumbling bassline that feels something akin to a funeral march (in the best way possible), the track becomes this slow-burning and suspense-laden time bomb that explodes into a fantastic chorus. “Oh my how you’ve grown!” screams Amy Walpole over a stabbing guitar riff that would probably threaten to knock your eyes out of your skull if you ever had the pleasure to experience it live. As expected, the bassline continues in its everlasting march, underpinning the track with an undeniable weight.  

While it may not be possible for a song to be claustrophobic, Witch Fever does a pretty good job on this track. Instrumentation creeps up on you, hands outstretched to wrap around your neck until the chorus hits like an avalanche and you’re buried alive under layers of punching bass, screeching guitars and pounding drums. It’s a sonic assault, a musical haunted house inhabited by the spirits of punk rock, making the horror movie-style music video that accompanies the single even more fitting.

The religious themes that can be found on the other two singles don’t stop here, with Walpole singing about “Altar Water” and “My body and my blood”. The band expressed in a press release that the song draws lyrical inspiration from “Amy Walpole’s experiences in the charismatic church she grew up in, and feeling watched by men as a teenage girl”. While the imagery may be more subtle on this track, it’s no less powerful and feels arguably more personal. 

With this latest run of singles and being fresh from performing at 

Outbreak Fest last month alongside alternative legends like CounterpartsEvery Time I Die and Touche Amore, things only seem to be getting better for the band. This, paired with the imminent release of their album, makes them a very exciting prospect for the future. 

'Congregation' is out October 21 via Sony’s Music For Nations.

Morgan Springer 

Image: 'I Saw You Dancing' Official Single Cover 

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