Friday, September 02, 2022

New single can mean ‘Only Good Things’ for The Murder Capital

“How it’s beautiful / How beautiful / How it’s all beautiful / How beautiful,” sings vocalist James McGovern on The Murder Capital’s latest release, a somewhat unexpectedly joyful sentiment. 

‘Only Good Things’, the newest track from the Irish post-punk act, is a significant emotional and sonic departure from their 2019 record ‘When I Have Fears’, but one that’s not at all unwelcome. 

While their debut felt like an angst-driven and haunting homage to post-punk both past and present, this single has been described by the band as a “bright and luminous love song”, a description that doesn’t fall short by even a hair.

Everything on this track feels soothing but purposeful, a carefully composed love letter instead of the sombre eulogy or embittered ransom note found on ‘When I Have Fears’. The drums have moved away from that pounding, Joy Division-esque territory into something far more relaxed, and the guitars sing almost as sweetly as McGovern. It’s this poetic, uplifting ode to romance and sharing your heart and “whole world” with someone, that just fills you with hope.

While the song may be a notable step away from the sound the band established on the first record, musical evolution is nothing new in the British and Irish post-punk movement as of late. 

The past two years have seen IDLES releasing ‘Crawler’Black Country, New Road releasing ‘Ants From Up There’, and fellow countrymen and post-punk trailblazers Fontaines D.C. releasing ‘Skinty Fia’ this year. These releases show a trend of experimentation, boundary pushing and a growing diversity of sounds and influences in the genre, even amongst some of the biggest and most beloved bands. 

While the band’s previous material was truly fantastic, this first taste of what’s to come is tantalising and something to be watched closely.

Morgan Springer

Image: ‘Only Good Things’ Official Single Cover

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