Thursday, August 25, 2022

Zach Churchill bares his soul in 'Surrender'

Hailing from Los Angeles, Zach Churchill is paving a way for himself on the music scene through his dynamic storytelling and impressive musicianship. 

Not one to shy away from hard-to-digest topics, Churchill's latest foray, 'Surrender' tackles a lifetime of pain.

Baring his soul in his rawest, most honest release to date, Churchill delves into addiction stemming from untreated trauma in a thought-provoking, emotion-evoking cut for the ages. 'Surrender' is plucked from his upcoming album, 'Greater Than', due for release October 28th.

Acting as his own personal therapy Churchill divulges on the record-writing process; "Amidst a bunch of changes and trials in my personal life, the studio was a refuge and safe place for me to process all that was happening. I was able to explore difficult feelings, reflect on my current circumstances, and digest painful experiences. Basically, this album was incredibly therapeutic. It represents an incredibly important period in my life when I finally began to trust myself."

Largely confessional, Churchill explores the depths of the human psyche in a captive and poetic trail through pain and trauma. 

Featuring a plethora of instrumental arrangements, the cut boasts an indie-pop infused soundscape laden with infectious basslines topped with gruff, melodic vocals. Insistent percussion drives home the heartache in Churchill's intonations as he laments "Each day is the same / I wake up in pain."

Juxtaposing the narrative with surprisingly uplifting guitar lines, Churchill has penned a wholly infectious indie rock number that reaches its apex in an explosion of colourful beats. With 'Surrender' the bar is truly set high.

Lana Williams


Image: Provided by the artist

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