Thursday, August 25, 2022

Bel-la Delivers Homespun Magic In ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’

Indie-rock artist Bel-la has released the effervescent new single ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ and it is a refreshing first commercial release.

Born in New Zealand to a Swedish father and an Indian-English mother but now based in Los Angeles, Bel-la has a unique sound that listeners will appreciate. 

She had written many beautiful tunes for television, however releasing music commercially was a new avenue for her. She found herself, like many others, in the unique position during lockdown to be able to create something new and different.

Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ was exactly that. Much like the artist herself, the single is ethereal yet focused.

Opening on a thumping, full bass riff and crisp drums, the production of this tune is sparse. The instruments serve merely to create an environment for Bel-la’s vocals to shine. While the instrumentation has a ‘70s flare to it, the message is relatable. Speaking on sadness and love, Bel-la perfectly summarises what it is to lose someone. The hook is especially heartbreaking in its frankness:

“Nothing’s gonna get you back / This time / Just a memory in my mind / Nothing’s gonna take your place for a while”

Whether this is a loved one or a significant other, the sensation of having them just out of reach is painted exquisitely in this song.

The melody is upbeat and sits exactly where the listener wants it to, making for a catchy track. There are however some more unexpected elements as well. One, for instance, is the interesting and selective use of reverb throughout the verses which adds an almost choral effect. The guitar solo in the bridge is another, which cements the aforementioned ‘70s flavour of the song and really moves it along. Bel-la also layers in simple harmonies in the final chorus to bring it to a crescendo.

While this is her first release of this kind, Bel-la has nothing to worry about – this single is stellar and listeners should look forward to hearing more from this artist in the coming year.

Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Nothing’s Gonna Get You Back’ Official Single Cover

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