Thursday, August 25, 2022

TONES AND I Releases New Single, ‘Charlie’, And Reveals The Touching Inspiration Behind Its Creation

Renowned for her upbeat and buoyant tracks, Toni Watson, known professionally as Tones and I, has released her newest single, ‘Charlie’, accompanied by its official lyric video and a debut TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tones and I has become associated with hidden deeper meanings and personal insights; her breakthrough single, ‘Dance Monkey’, cryptically references her stint as a busker, a decision which carved her way to fame.

‘Charlie’ follows along similar lines to ‘Dance Monkey’, continuing Tones’ lyrical focus on what is personal and real, and the title is a touching tribute to her dog. The track is all about having fun, with the carefree lyrics ‘Charlie doesn’t worry in the mornin’ / There’s nothing really ever on his mind’. Having Charlie as the main figure in her musical creation emphasises the elements of vitality and laid-back juvenility that Tones and I’s releases characteristically adopt.

Tones and I is currently in the midst of performing at a huge number of festivals around the world, alongside continuing the North American leg of her headline tour and preparing to join Macklemore as a guest performer on a series of shows with Imagine Dragons

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Image: ‘Charlie’ Official Single Cover

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