Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Nocturnal Issues Wants An ‘Answer’ In New Single

American artist Nocturnal Issues has just released their newest single ‘Answer’ ahead of their anticipated EP ‘End of Debauchery’. This track will have listeners thinking about all their unanswered questions.

After years of dedication to their craft, this multi-faceted artist spent the last year of their life honing in on their sound.

The result?

An EP that is sure to be exciting and varied. ‘Answer’ hooks listeners from the off, with a ringing guitar riff and shoegaze production. The track is then padded out with some bass and drums, creating a full and well-rounded instrumental.

While the instrumentation leans heavily towards shoegaze, the vocal performance strays more towards pop punk. This contrast allows for some of the anger and frustration clearly felt by the artist to be parried by some lighter elements.

That being said, the overarching tone of the song is one of catharsis. Nocturnal Issues found themselves longing for their ex and wondering if they would pick up the phone if they called. This moment and the questions that come along with it are ones that are only too familiar to many people:

“Can I call you on the cell phone? / When you’re all alone? / Are you even home? / Is that man home? / Is he holding you close? / As close as I would?”

There is a sense of desperation and hopelessness as they start to go down the rabbit hole of asking themselves these questions. This is only heightened by the almost chanting melody and intense delivery. These are two of the qualities that will make it a great song to play live. The track is not self-indulgent, nor is it monotonous and it rounds off just under the three-minute mark – perfect to scream along to and should leave the listener feeling better by the end.

Answer’ is a stellar first single and if the rest of the EP sounds this good, Nocturnal Issues will be chasing the charts in no time.

Chloe Boehm


Image: Provided by artist

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