Thursday, August 18, 2022

Phoebe Green emulates isolation and self-healing in new track ‘Crying in the Club’

Fresh from the release of her EP ‘Just A Game’ earlier this year, Phoebe Green’s latest single ‘Crying in the Club’ is an alternative indie record dedicated to listeners who have felt suffocated by the intensity and intimacy of nightclubs. 

The track explores Green’s inner monologue whilst at a nightclub after a breakup, attempting to mediate between leaving and making themselves happy or upholding a farce to satisfy those she’s with.

“But then, the sun can shine straight in / And cleanse my body of all its sins / Everything that’s been inflicted, everything that I resisted”


In combining processes of healing and growth in the track, concluding with the decision to stay at the nightclub, listeners are provided with an introspective view of what heartache means. Repeating “But I can shape shift, I can fake shit” in the chorus feels sombre, yet resilient, as if instructing their ex-partner that they are healthier now they have left their pedestal and performative expectations of them. However, echoing this sentiment to hide how they genuinely feel amongst their friends, performing to how they’re expected to behave, is both a gut-wrenching and accurate depiction of trying to recollect and move on at the end of a relationship.


By showcasing notions of vulnerability and anxiety in the soft-spoken repetition of “Maybe I’m not ready yet”, juxtaposing the quick tempo club-beat backdrop, amplifies the internal pain which is plaguing their club experience. This makes the lyrics bleed with flurried passion and questioning of their self-worth, climaxed with the booming ending “(I never fucking loved you)”. In what first appears as a catchy dance record, ‘Crying in the Club’ is an emotive exploration of Green's relationship with herself.


Alanya Smith


Image: 'Lucky Me' Official Album Cover


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