Thursday, August 18, 2022

Indie Artist PIXEY Delivers Genre-Bending Single ‘I’m Just High’

Liverpool-based indie artist Pixey places herself at the forefront of the dream pop invasion with the release of her newest single, ‘I’m Just High’.

The song marks Pixey’s third release, and preempts the release of her upcoming mini album, entitled ‘Dreams, Pains & Paper Planes’, which is set to be shared on September 30.


‘I’m Just High’, a track which the singer-songwriter has produced herself, synthesises a dream-like, hypnotic feel with the upbeat and catchy elements of pop that we know and love. Renowned for being a part of this indie-pop revolution, Pixey’s lyrical and instrumental clarity is immediately apparent, boasting emphatic metaphors such as in the chorus, ‘But when the lights go low and you pull me in close / The night comes alive and I overdose’, which is accompanied by complimentary guitar riffs.


The track flows well, with a range of technically impressive musical textures that keeps listeners engaged. What is more, ‘I’m Just High’ is both a strikingly personal yet simultaneously relatable release,  despite its transcendentalism and boundary-pushing sound. 


Using the allusion to drug usage, Pixey details the feelings behind a love that is strong but toxic: ‘I’m tryin’ to shake you / I hate what you do’. She hints at the universal experience of knowing something is unhealthy, but continuing nevertheless as it feels ‘just right’


If the talent shown in ‘I’m Just High’ is anything to go by, the album is sure to be a definite success. And, as Pixey revealed in her interview with NME Magazine, after supporting Alfie Templeman a headline tour also seems to be on the horizon for this dream-pop trailblazer…

Isobel Reeves


Image: ‘I’m Just High’ Official Single Cover


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