Thursday, August 18, 2022

The Happy Fits Share New Single ‘Around and Around’

Three-piece American band The Happy Fits have released a new single ahead of their third album release coming late-August 2022. 

The alternative/rock/pop trio have been together since 2016 – made up of cellist Calvin Langman and guitarist Ross Monteith (who both met back in their New Jersey high school), and finally drummer Luke Davis

The band shot to stardom with the track ‘While You Fade Away’ from their first EP ‘Awfully Apeelin’, which was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds. 

The Happy Fits released their first album ‘Concentrate’ in 2018 and their second, ‘What Could Be Better’, in 2020. Their most streamed song is ‘So Alright, Cool, Whatever’ with over 17 million listens on Spotify. Their use of a cello instead of a bass guitar creates a mix of soft rock and folk music, which is perfect for summer.


Much like their previous hits, ‘Around and Around’ has potential to be the song of the summer with its catchy indie-pop sound that will get even the most cynical in the mood for some fun in the sun. The song opens with the lyrics “I got a funny feeling/ We keep going around and around/ and I think I’m gonna be needing/ a little stabler ground to hold onto”. The track seems to be about the head-spinning disorientation that comes with love, although it is a happy song and has a guitar riff you won’t get out of your head anytime soon. It feels like a modernised version of a coming-of-age song you might hear in an early-noughties film, like being transported back in time.


‘Around and Around’ has the charm of a classic British indie-rock band like Circa Waves or Kasabian and it is a pleasure to listen to on a hot day. 


The Happy Fits are going on a national tour – called ‘Under the Shade of Green’ – around the United States in November with Daisy the Great and Phoneboy.


Sienna Norris


Image: The Happy Fits ‘Around and Around’ Official Single Cover

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